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Want to organize transportation for aerospace and defense properly? Y&O is happy to act as your logistics partner. We will completely unburden you and take your shipment from point A to B.

The transportation of goods in the aerospace and defense industry requires a special approach. You need to comply with strict security rules and handle complicated customs formalities properly. If you want to transport large components, you may also have to deal with uncommon dimensions and special transportation. In short, there are a lot of catches to organizing an efficient logistics process for your aerospace and defense products. Therefore, it is very helpful and time-saving to cooperate with an experienced and competent logistics partner. With more than 12 years of experience, comprehensive knowledge of the industry, and an extensive worldwide network, Y&O is happy to help. Based on your wishes, we offer you a comprehensive solution that completely unburdens you.

We will arrange transportation as well as handling and packagingstorage, and distribution for your aerospace and defense goods. Depending on your requirements, we will opt for maritimeair or road transportation, or a combination of these three forms or transportation. At Y&O, efficiency is paramount!


A cooperation with Y&O is purposive and personal. We are:

  • Fast: your shipment will arrive at its final destination in a timely manner
  • Flexible: special wishes are no problem
  • Committed: we are there if you need us
  • Proactive: we monitor the transportation of your aerospace and defense products
  • Service-oriented: ask us any logistics-related question you have

Contact us now for a quotation. You will discover the cost-effective and efficient ways we can transport your products. We will become a trusted partner in your transportation, handling and storage. Find out what we can do for you and your company.


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