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Want to arrange the transport of industry and manufacturing products efficiently with a company which has much industrial knowledge? Call in the help of Y&O! With more than 12 years of experience and thorough knowledge of the logistics field, we are happy to help.

The shipping of industry and manufacturing products takes some doing. Dimensions vary greatly and every shipment requires a unique approach. Sometimes, for example, small components have to be shipped through regular transportation, whereas other times, you want to transport industrial products with uncommon dimensions to another continent. In the latter case, you need to arrange special transportation, and you often have to deal with complicated customs procedures. Then, it is obviously very helpful and time-saving to cooperate with an expert logistics partner. Y&O offers you a complete solution and properly coordinates the logistics process. We will completely arrange the transportation of your industry and manufacturing products. If desired, we can also meet any storage and distribution needs.


Industrial products seafreightair cargo, and road transport: everything is possible at Y&O. We can quickly calculate the best option for you. Sometimes, this means that we combine various forms of transportation. Once you agree with the proposal presented by us, we will get to work for you right away! A cooperation with us for the transport of your industrial products means:

  • Efficiency: a smooth and flawless logistics process
  • Speed: we quickly shift gears based on your wishes
  • Customization: your shipment requires a unique solution
  • Personal contact: we constantly keep you informed
  • Proactive action: we carefully monitor your shipment

Contact us now to get a quotation and find out how cost-friendly it is to partner with Y&O. We would happily work together with you. Give us a call and find out.


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