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Do you want to outsource the transportation of chemical, radioactive, or other dangerous goods or substances in a safe manner through specialised ADR transport? Y&O specialises in transporting chemicals and other dangerous substances. We are happy to organise an efficient logistics process for you!

ADR transport organised from start to finish

The transportation of chemical or dangerous substances is an undertaking that requires accuracy, experience, and thorough knowledge of ADR transport. For example, a transport with dangerous chemical or radioactive goods or products must comply with strict packaging rules. If you want to temporarily store dangerous products before or after transport, it is also crucial that this is done in a safe and proper manner. Y&O has more than 12 years of experience in organising ADR transport of dangerous goods or products. Transportation, handling and packaging, storage, and distribution: we will organise every step in the logistics process for you. You can come to us for practical complete solutions. Our employees are certified, which means they can handle your shipment with expertise – whether you want to start transporting chemicals to the United States or distribute them in Europe. We will make sure that the transportation of dangerous substances goes smoothly – from start to finish!

The transportation of dangerous goods in practice

The logistics process involves many facets that you might initially forget. For example, you will have to deal with separate rules and customs formalities related to ADR transport. Y&O is happy to take care of this for you! If you decide to cooperate with us, you can count on:

  • A logistics partner that quickly shifts gears for you
  • A cost-conscious complete solution for the transportation of dangerous substances
  • Personal contact during every step of the way
  • A flexible cooperation that is tailored to your wishes
  • A logistics party that proactively thinks along

Whether you are looking for someone to transport your ADR goods or you want to store your chemicals, such as batteries, after transporting them, Y&O is the perfect partner for you. Transporting chemicals is a process that needs to be managed well. We can offer that service to you. Contact us now for a quotation and see how easy it all can be made. You reach us by phoning +31 (0) 252 624 257 or sending an email to


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