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Want to organize medical and health products transportation properly? Y&O offers customized logistics solutions!

Quality and safety play a crucial role when transporting medical and health products. Your shipment should be packaged and transported in the right way. Additionally, customs formalities should be handled in a smooth and proper manner, ensuring that your shipment will not be unduly delayed. With more than 12 years of experience, Y&O can organize the entire logistics process for you – whether you want to transport your products to a European or international destination. We offer door to door solutions, which means that we organize the transportation of medical and health products for you from A to Z. Your goods will be picked up, transported, stored, distributed and delivered at their final destination – whether it is a wholesaler or a pharmacy. Depending on your wishes, we will arrange maritimeair, or road transportation of your medical and health products. You can rest assured that we will always calculate the best option for you. Do you like the idea of complete unburdening when it comes to logistics? Then opt for a cooperation with Y&O!


Do you want to outsource the transportation of medication and health products to a reliable party? Y&O is a committed and experienced logistics partner. Our communication lines are short and our knowledge is extensive. We attach great value to:

  • Speed: you make the call, and we get to work
  • Customization: a solution tailored to your wishes
  • Efficiency: we will take your shipment from point A to B as quickly as possible
  • Commitment: we respond to your demands
  • Short communication lines: we are there if you need us

Contact us now to find out the different possibilities and let us create a quotation for you. Y&O offers the best possible solution for transporting your products the right way.


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