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Want a reliable and competent party to organize your high-tech transportation? Y&O is happy to assist!

From cell phones to brand-new gadgets: high-tech goods are extremely popular and need to be transported regularly. If high-tech transportation is concerned, you want the logistics process to go smoothly. After all, your shipment should arrive at its final destination safely and unhindered – whether it is Spain or the United States. Perhaps you want to take your shipment to various countries. In that case, it is very important that custom formalities are dealt with in a streamlined manner, avoiding undue delays. Therefore, you are looking for a reliable logistics partner with expertise.

Y&O has more than 12 years of experience and is happy to arrange a door to door solution for you. Based on your wishes, we will quickly calculate the most lucrative form of transportation for you: maritimeair, or road transportation. A combination of these three forms is also possible.

Do you also want to organize the storage and distribution of your high-tech products in addition to high-tech transportation?

That’s no problem at Y&O. We can offer a complete solution that fully unburdens you.


Accuracy and efficiency are key when high-tech transportation is concerned. If you outsource your logistics process to Y&O, you can count on:

  • Speed: efficient transportation from point A to B
  • Flexibility: we tailor the logistics process to your wishes
  • Purposiveness: an appropriate solution for your high-tech transportation
  • Commitment: we are there if you need us
  • Cost-consciousness: a competitive price/quality ratio

Y&O is the perfect partner in delivering your high-tech goods on time safely. Contact us now for a quotation and let us help you achieve an efficient logistical infrastructure. Let us know what you need and we’ll provide it for you.


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