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Speed and complete unburdening: these are Y&O’s pillars. It is highly important to us to meet all your transportation and storage needs, organize everything for you and give the best solutions when necessary. Because of our years of experience and our ability to listen carefully, we understand what it takes to get your cargo from point A to B – in an effective, efficient, and committed way!

Whether you are an agentforwarder, or shipper, we can offer the solution you’re looking for. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your wishes. We are happy to assist you in finding the best transportation or storage solutions!


Need last-minute transportation or solutions because you have to transport an urgent shipment? Y&O will gladly help you out. High priority shipments are no problem for us!

Do you need to transport components or goods right away? Do you require services such as aircraft on ground or on board courier? Y&O quickly comes up with an appropriate solution. Regardless of the time of day, we make every effort to find the best solutions for your last-minute transportation demands. Because we understand that your shipment should arrive at its destination as soon as possible.


Some companies do not operate during regular business hours. They also need a quick logistics solution after business hours. We are happy to lend them a helping hand by providing last-minute transportation.

Are you in urgent need of solutions for your last-minute transportation? Please don’t hesitate to contact us right away. With more than 12 years of experience, a wide logistics network, and a lot of commitment, we come up with a customized solution in no time!


Are the dimensions and weight of your cargo common? Then we are happy to organize regular transportation for you.

If you wish to arrange regular transportation, you can choose from 3 options: maritimeair, and road transportation. Sometimes, a combination of two modes of transportation is necessary. Y&O can quickly calculate the best option for you. Consequently, we always provide you with a cost-conscious complete solution.


All shipments with normal dimensions and a common weight fall under regular transportation. Such cargo is more rule than exception. Therefore, we are dealing with this form of transportation on a daily basis.

Regular transportation is often confused with the organization of regular shipments. It is important to know that goods with regular dimensions can be shipped on a regular and irregular basis. Perhaps you need to import or export cargo every week or each month. Certain radioactive substances, for example, are sometimes shipped at a fixed time every week, because such products are subject to strict time rules. In that case, your transportation needs are characterized by continuity, and we refer to regular transportation.

Would you like to arrange regular transportation in a quick and efficient manner through a reliable logistics partner? Please feel free to contact Y&O. With more than 12 years of experience and thorough professional knowledge, we can rapidly help you find a solution.


Do your goods require special transportation? Then Y&O is your perfect partner. We can quickly organize a logistics process!

The size and weight of your shipment determine whether it falls under regular or special transportation. If your goods have uncommon dimensions or a deviant weight, you need special transportation. Of course, you are looking for a reliable and experienced logistics partner to properly organize this. Y&O can completely unburden you.


Sometimes, shipping cargo can be difficult, because the dimensions aren’t regular or the weight isn’t common. In that case, some puzzling, turning, and juggling is required. We listen carefully to the customer’s wishes and provide a solution for special transportation in no time.

An example: your project cargo does not fit into a regular airplane. Nevertheless, you need to get your goods from point A to B. In such cases, we provide charter solutions.. Through our extensive network and our efficient ability to solve issues, we can ensure that your transportation needs are met quickly and hassle-free.

Would you like to be unburdened in the area of special transportation? Feel free to contact Y&O. We are happy to use our years of experience to assist you. Moreover, you will find us to be a committed logistics partner that quickly shifts gears and constantly keeps you updated on your shipment!


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