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Paperless transportation facilitates every step of the logistics process. Y&O is happy to arrange paperless flying for you! 

What exactly is paperless flying? In short, it means that no document should be written while taking your cargo from point a to b. Documents are processed digitally instead of being added to the cargo in paper form. In practice, this means that the stacks of paper that used to accompany a shipment are replaced by one digital document which indicates what is being transported. Some airline companies require that forwarders employ this method. That is not very surprising, as paperless flying has its advantages. For example, you no longer have to go through a pile of paperwork before your shipment arrives at its final destination. This saves a lot of time. Especially if your shipment goes through a complex logistics process that includes transportation, storage , and distribution to various locations. Furthermore, paperless transportation is an environmentally friendly and sustainable logistics solution. Hence, paperless flying allows you to work in an efficient as well as environmentally aware way.

Y&O supports paperless flying and can realize it for you. If your shipment is transported in a paperless way, we will manage all cargo-related documentation digitally. Of course, this approach is not only interesting for forwarders, but also for agents and shippers. If you are looking for a paperless flying solution for your shipment, you have come to the right place!


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