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Want to arrange project cargo properly from start to finish? Y&O is happy to do it for you – in a reliable, efficient, and fast way! 

Do you want to transport valuable goods that deviate in terms of size and weight? Then you are, of course, looking for a logistics partner that can unburden you from a to z. Often, project cargo is a challenge that requires extensive experience, specialized knowledge, and the right means. Not in the least because you are dealing with uncommon dimensions and an unusual weight. Usually, transportation in a regular commercial airplane is not possible in these cases. We can arrange transportation in suitable charter planes. Moreover, a distinction is made between products from different countries. For example, Euro pallets and US pallets have different dimensions. As the entire logistics system is based on the size/weight ratio, it is essential that you choose the right forms of transportation. Y&O is happy to help. We are familiar with the rules and requirements regarding project cargo and uncommon dimensions. As a result, we can ensure that your air cargo and maritime cargo are transported in the right way, and we can organize your road transportation efficiently – whether you are exporting goods to the United States or importing products from China. If you needspecial transportation, we will arrange a streamlined logistics solution for you. So your shipment is taken from point a to b in an efficient way!

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