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Need a door to door delivery for your cargo? Y&O can take all the work off your shoulders. We will pick up your goods, arrange transportation, and organize distribution!

The logistics process – i.e. organizing, planning, transporting, and distributing your cargo of goods – is complicated. Your goods must be transported from start to end location in a safe and effective way. Perhaps you’d first like to bring your products to the Netherlands, only to transport them to various countries from here. Experience and knowledge are required to properly channel such a logistics process. Y&O has been committed to logistics and distribution for more than 12 years. We are happy to unburden you by providing you with a complete solution. We do this in an efficient, professional, and dedicated way!

If you choose to cooperate with Y&O, you’re opting for:

  •  Speed: we always respond promptly to your questions
  •  Purposiveness: we think in solutions rather than problems
  •  Quality: the best service at a favorable price
  •  Personal contact: every customer is unique
  •  Customization: an appropriate solution for your issue


“There’s a wide range of possibilities in the field of logistics and distribution. It is important to compare price, quality, and speed and choose the best option. We do this for each customer.
Because everyone will benefit from it.”


You can get your products from point a to b in 3 different ways: through maritimeair or ground transportation. Often, a combination of various modes of transportation is necessary. Y&O can quickly calculate the best option for you. If desired, we can, of course, also organize the crucial final step in the logistics process: the distribution of your goods.


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